Trip to Maine, Paul and cousins Gary & Patrick

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are going to be in Maine April 2-12. David had planned this trip for quite awhile. He and his friend, Gary, are going to the largest gun show in Tulsa, OK. Wooohooo! Thank you, Gary for going with David…Tulsa, OK and a gun show are not my idea of fun! Anyway, it is a 2 day affair and supposedly 8 miles of booths. If you wanted to visit every booth, technically, you would only be able to stay 2 minutes at each one. David is going to be in heaven!

My stepfather, Paul, has been in the hospital in FL with pneumonia. He was in for 5 days and I am pleased to report that he is now home. He needs to build up his strength as he is very weak from the ordeal. I have spoken with him…his spirits are good and I believe he will be up and about in no time.

On a couple of very sad notes, I learned a couple of weeks ago that my cousin, Gary, 59, lost his battle with cancer. Such a young age to leave this world. Sadly, he didn’t have much quality of life over the past few years. I know that he is in a better place and is once again, being the jokester that I so remember him as.

The other sad news that I received last week was about my cousin, Patrick. He committed suicide at the age of 42. Patrick was a lost soul that had many in the family, and friends as well, reaching out to him. Unfortunately, he decided that suicide was the route to go.

I love our lifestyle but when situations such as these happen, I feel sad that I am not closer to support loved ones.

Rest in peace…Gary and Patrick.

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