Oh My Gosh, I am so DITSY!!!

I just have to share this with everyone. Yesterday was “run errand” day. So, I arrived back at the apartment, around noontime, with a trunk full of shopping bags. I loaded up my arms, because I am “one trip Tessie”. Also, I remembered to plug the block heater in for the car. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my new girlfriends at Costco. Donna gave me a ride. All in all, it was a fun, busy day.

In the mornings, I have been going into work with David to use the office gym until we get moved into our new apartment on the 20th. This morning, David went out to warm up the car. I spent about five minutes looking for my car keys in the apartment. Then, I figured that David had his keys and rather keeping him waiting for me, I would look for them when I got back to the apartment. So, I went out to the car and told David that I had been looking for my car keys.

He had them….I had left them dangling in the trunk of the car ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!!! Oh my gosh….can you believe it??? We are so lucky that we had a car to go out to this morning. David was so cool about it, but I know that he was thinking…”It could be worse, I could have done it!!”. Also, I think that he has “tucked” this little episode away to kindly remind of when he does do something wrong!!!

It is cold here. Today is -1 degree F and each day, we get a dusting of snow. It hasn’t amounted to anything major and we have heard that this seems to be typical…no huge snowstorms, which is fine with us as we have to drive in it everyday.

We are counting the days until we get to move into our gorgeous apartment. Christmas will be quiet, probably watching movies and relaxing….or possibly we will find a volunteer project to help to make someone else’s Christmas a little more special.

Today, I am off to visit with a lady from Santiago, Chile. Her husband has been transferred here and is working on the same project with David. They have a six year old son and she knows very little English. I feel so sorry for her. I can certainly relate to what it is like to live in a foreign country and trying to navigate everything with little knowledge of the language!! Plus, it will be a great opportunity for me to keep practising my Spanish.

Hopefully, I won’t have anymore “ditsy moments” in the near future. Pray for me!!!!

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