Happy New Year

Greetings from cold, cold Saskatoon….yesterday, with the wind chill it was 55 degrees below zero. Amazing isn’t it??? I have decided that being negative waste too much precious energy, so when I am feeling negative, I start looking for a positive. You know what, it is amazing how many positives one can find in cold weather….

My list so far: I am grateful for the underground parking in our building and for the underground parking at the grocery store. I am grateful, that in this economy, David has a project, even if it is in a cold environment. I am grateful for how pretty the trees look all frosted when it is this cold.

I just keep telling myself that this is an amazing adventure….and it is. I never thought that one could survive in such cold weather and yet, there are people jogging and riding bicycles in it. Everyday is a learning experience.

A couple of prayer request: for my Uncle Larry who is in ICU in Florida. He has been battling cancer and they recently rushed him to the hospital where they performed surgery. The news I got today was he isn’t doing very well. Also, for my step-father and our dear friend, Barbara. Both recently suffered TIAs…small strokes. They both recently spent time an overnight in the hospital and are now home, on the road to recovery. Thank you for saying a prayer….we all need them, but they need extra right now.

I have finally figured out how to connect my photo webpage to this blog, thanks to my wonderful friend, Jill. If you look to the right, below the picture of David and me, you will see the link: To view photos of our adventures check out: and you click on “my webshot page”. That will take you to our pictures from the last couple of years. I have tried forever to figure out how to link the pages….thank goodness I have smart friends. Thank you ever so much, Jill!!!

May you be blessed with joy, laughter and prosperity in 2009.

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