Super Bowl Sunday

Life continues to be good in Saskatoon. The weather continues to be cold although we have enjoyed a couple of days in the 40s. Those days were a real treat!

David is still enjoying his project. I continue to stay busy, busy, busy. The days just zip by. I have been spending much time with my girlfriends Donna and Pilar. We are practising English/Spanish for 2 hours about 3 days a week. Plus, I have my Spanish class one night a week. I really enjoy trying to improve my Spanish skills.

Concerning the concussion, I am getting better but even after 2 weeks, I still can’t exercise. That is a huge source of frustration. The Dr in the ER told me to try after five days, which I did. However, I began to feel nauseous trying to run on the treadmill. So, I have backed off and try periodically. Still, I am suffering from side effects. I have read that it can take from one month to three months to fully recover. So, I guess I will have to be patient….not one of my strong points!

I will begin physical therapy next week. I have issues with my lower back; which is causing problems with my right hamstring and neck; which causes problems with my shoulder and right arm. One good thing that came from the concussion, is I found a great therapist. A nurse recommended him to me. I had an evaluation last week and he was very encouraging. He explained all that was going on with my body and said that with a few adjustments and exercises to do at home, that I should as good as new in a short while. I am very encouraged and excited. I am not in a great deal of pain, mostly it is just annoying!

We have seen many movies. It is a good past-time during the cold weather. Recently, we have seen The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road and rented The Bucket List. All were very good. I loved Revolutionary Road and kept thinking through the whole movie, “I am living the life that Kate Winslet wanted.” The Wrestler was OK but I don’t think I would recommend it. Finally, The Bucket List was wonderful. I can’t believe that it has taken us this long to see it.

So, I have been thinking about my Bucket List….a safari in Africa, save a life (through a bone marrow transplant or some such thing), see the Taj Mahal, the pyramids in Egypt, visit Petra, Jordan. The list is fun to think about and will be added to.

Speaking of traveling, David and I will be making a trip to Japan this September. I am so, so excited. We will be visiting my friend Michiko, whom I met 25 years ago in England. She was attending the same college that my brother, Perry was an exchange student at. Michiko came to Maine and spent Christmas with our family back in 1984. I have not seen her for 25 years. She is now married and a mom with two children. Even though I haven’t seen her for such a long time, she is like a sister to me. We are both so, so excited at the thought of seeing each other.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and we are having a party. About 15 people are coming over to watch the game. It will be a very “international” group from Zimbabwe, Canada and Australia. David and I are the only Americans!!! It should be a fun night.

OK, that is the news for now. To those of you reading this, blessing.

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