Home/Camp Improvments and Back to Canada

This is the finished results of the work we had done over the past year to our dining room in Cape Elizabeth. I wanted a cottage look, with lots of color and a place that would make you feel comfortable and make you smile when you walk through the door! We are so pleased with the results! Slowly, the house is coming together.

This is the camp that we purchased last January. This is the before picture and this ……..

is the “after” picture. We have had much work done on it over the year. It is still a work in progress but we are very pleased with the results so far.

This is the “before” picture of the living room in the camp and this……..

is the “after”. We had a new hearth put in and knotty pine paneling on the walls.

Tuesday, March 10, I flew back to Saskatoon. It was a long day. I was up at 3:00 AM, heading to the airport by 4:00 for my 6:00 flight out of Portland. I flew to Newark where I had a 3 hour layover. Then it was onto Toronto and finally Saskatoon where I landed at 4:30. When I landed, it was -14F….very cold, but sunny. It was a long day of travel. Saskatoon does not do the daylight savings time. So, we were on the central time zone, now we are on Mountain Time. It is still very, very cold here. This AM it is -25….I have no idea when it is going to start warming up. I will keep you posted. Thank goodness for the sun or I would be very, very depressed.

It was an extremely busy, busy and stressful trip back to Maine. We always seem to “hit the ground running” but this trip, I felt like I was sprinting the whole time. The primary reason for the trip was to do taxes. However, while I was home, it was discovered that my dad needed a stint to open up a blocked artery.

I am happy to report that dad came through the procedure with flying colors. He was in the hospital overnight after the surgery and released the following day. He is following the doctor’s orders of taking it easy for a week, which is difficult for someone as active as him to do.

It is interesting the family dynamics that come out during stressful times such as this medical issue with my dad. Sadly, the “pot” that has been simmering for the 40 some odd years that my dad and stepmom have been together boiled over. My stepmother and I have agreed to disagree, which I am totally fine with. It certainly wasn’t the best of times for all of this to happen, but I am glad that it is finally out in the open. It has been a long 40 years!

I am a firm believer that good comes from bad and what I learned through all of this is how much my dad truly loves me. What more can I say…

David survived very well without me. Although, we are both having an adjustment period to me being back. For example, the other night, I cooked fish and veggies for dinner. David walked through the door and proceeded to eat the fish right from the plate I had it on. I must have given him a “look” because he promptly put the dish down and got a plate from the cupboard while exclaiming “we are still in the adjustment phase!!” Also, the refrigerator needed cleaning out…it is where David put the dishes he didn’t feel like washing while I was gone….and he wonders why I roll my eyes!!!

So, now, I am trying to get back into a routine. It is coming along slowly. Right now, I am just so tired. Once I get rested, things will return to normal. OK, must close and get back to my cleaning…..

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