Virgin of Guadelupe

Last Sunday, David and I took an afternoon drive to see the statue of the Virgin of Guadelupe in the village of La Cantera on the way to Playa Grande. We took the small dirt road that takes you to the trail head. As we drove along, David looked in the rear view mirror and said that there was a little boy running after the truck.

His name was Jeffery and he was 8 years old. I believe that he wanted to be our tour guide. No sooner had we gotten out of the truck, we were inundated with 10 other children from the nearby neighborhood. Each one wanted to hold our hands as we walked up to the statue and there was much discussion among them. I couldn’t quite understand what was being said but the tone wasn’t all that nice sometimes.

This is a picture of me in the grotto with all of the children. I was told that this piece of art was created by an artist from Mexico and rumor had it that there was going to be a Catholic church built on this site. That was over 7 years ago and there is no church to date. Somehow, I feel that the local people could benefit in other ways than to have money sunk into a Catholic church. Just my personal opinion…..

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