Sailing, Playa Grande Golf, Life in General

Last Sunday, David and I decided to go for a ride. We were going to take a new road in the mountains, but I was reading the map and David drove right by the road. So, Plan B, we ended up taking a tour of the Playa Grande Golf Course. It was beautiful and has been compared to Pebble Beach Golf course in California. This picture, of the 17th hole, gives you an idea of the stunning views that practically every hole has to offer.

There is a hotel on the grounds but it has been closed for quite sometime. Our golf cart driver, Alberto, told us that the plan is to tear the hotel down and relocate it closer to the ocean. Also, you have stunning views and access to Playa Grande from the golf course. This development hasn’t quite caught on. Many say it is because of the distance from the Puerto Plata airport. Selfishly, I am grateful as I really don’t want to see this beautiful beach developed with condos and restaurants. I so wish it would be kept as a National Park. Time will only tell.
David and I have signed up for 4 sailing lessons. Those of you who sail, make it look so very easy, which we are not finding the sport to be! There is much to remember. We are learning in a 16′ Laser that has a jib and main sail. Our first lesson was practicing turning the boat around buoys. I was doing fairly well for a first timer but then I did something and fell totally overboard! The instructor said it was one of the more graceful exits he has seen! Then, a few turns later, the wind had really started to pick up, I didn’t straighten the rudder in time and I capsized the whole boat. The instructor was real pleased that we didn’t panic. Heck, we were laughing way to hard to panic. We were laughing so hard it was difficult to get the boat upright. I am pleased to say that last week, our second lesson, went much smoother. We all stayed in the boat and kept it upright.
David continues to love his job. The weeks just seem to zip by. Getting up at 3:30 on Monday mornings doesn’t seem to get any easier, but that is about the only complaint we have. I have been staying busy practicing Spanish with another Barrick wife and my Dominican friend. The 3 beach dogs keep me busy walking them every morning around 6:00 and again, after I have fed them at night. My morning spinning classes were canceled for the past couple of weeks. That has been a blessing in disguise as I have been dealing with neck issues. I have tried accupressure, massage therapy and upon the suggestion of Michelle, my massage therapist, gone to a chiropractor. Now, I really don’t enjoy getting “snapped” but it seems to be the one thing that is relieving tightness in my neck. Michelle said that I had two vertebra out of place….that certainly explains the pain.

I am flying to Maine on July 12 until the 29th. I am looking forward to seeing family and friends….especially attending Old Hallowell Days. It is already looking to be a busy, busy, time…my feet don’t look like they will ever hit the ground while I am home.

Happy 4th of July to all. Thank you to our wonderful military, veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much to allow us to live in a free country. God Bless America!

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