Time in Maine, July 2010

I arrived in Maine the night of July 12. The next three days was spent going to the various doctor appointments that I had made. I am pleased to announce that I don’t have to see anyone for another year. This was especially a blessing with my mammogram as the past two years, I have had issues and had to be checked every six months. There was a song of joy in my heart when the specialist said, not only do I not have to have a mammogram for another year but I can do the test through my regular physician!!! In between the medical appointments, I marched into the Apple computer store at the Maine Mall and walked out with a new MacBook Pro. I have officially made the switch from a PC to an Apple and I must say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Apple laptop! Like so many others before me, I wish I had made the switch years ago!

Friday, July 16 found me zipping my way to the Augusta area where I visited with my dad and anticipated seeing many friends at Old Hallowell Days, the next day. My expectation were not let down in the least! I saw so many wonderful friends from high school. I think there were around 25 or 30 of us that showed up. Some of us started the day doing the 5K….it was suppose to be a run, but we walked and visited the whole way. Then came the parade and more visiting. After the parade, we all “wet our whistles” at the Wharf. Thanks for the dances John!!! I don’t think I had danced in 15 years or longer….fun, fun, fun!!! After a lovely visit with the Michaud family, Paula and I made our way to Hope MacFarland’s home for an afternoon gathering of our high school classmates.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing and getting caught up over the past 38 (I just figured out how many years it had been since I graduated….HOLY COW!!!!) years! Some of my classmates had traveled from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland and Massachusetts! This is a day I wish there could have been two of me as I missed seeing so many other Hallowell friends…..the day just wasn’t long enough! We are hoping to have more classes involved next year. I think that is a great idea…..more people, more fun, fun, fun! Other than seeing many long-time friends, one of the highlights of the day for me was swimming in the pond at Hope’s house. I can’t remember the last time I went swimming in a pond, it was so refreshing and fun. Thanks for suggesting it, Sarah!
Moosehead was the next stop on the agenda to visit with my mother and step-father. Paul and I had fun traveling the roads to Greenville, Jackman and Tomhegan Camps. At Tomhegan, they have tamed deer that ate out of our hands. On our way back to camp, we saw a moose and fox!
I spent a night in Bangor visiting with my sister and her family. My nephew, Nathan, Kathy and Kevin’s youngest son had recently gotten out of the hospital. He has recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and they have been having a difficult time getting his body regulated again. Fortunately, there is a relatively new medication, remicade, that he is now responding to. He had lost about 40 pounds through this 2 month ordeal. Today, I heard that he is feeling better and has now gained 10 pounds back.
I was able to spend a couple of nights with Dad and my stepmother. Dad is doing great and going strong at 81, soon to be 82 in September. His only complaint is an occasional back pain that he sees a chiropractor for. He is the primary caregiver to my stepmother who is suffering from kidney failure. They have opted not to do dialysis for a variety of reasons. It is always great to see my dad and watch the Red Sox with him!

Continuing with the “family theme”. I extended my trip in Maine to see my brother, Perry, who lives in Wisconsin. He flew in the Thursday I was supposed to leave. He arrived in my house in Cape Elizabeth at 1:00 AM and we talked until 3:30 in the morning! We were able to have lunch on Saturday in Hallowell at Joyce’s Restaurant. It was the first time that our parents, my sister, Kathy, her husband, Kevin, Perry and I have been together in 7 years! Such a gift and well worth extending my stay in Maine for. We all had such a lovely time. Another bonus at that lunch was the bald eagle that landed in the tree top right near the patio we were sitting at. For once, I had my camera!!!

I almost forgot to mention my “Princess Room”! Before David and I left to come to the Dominican Republic, I ordered two chairs and an ottoman for the extra room that we have on our main floor. This room used to be a bedroom but I have never liked walking into the house and looking directly down the hall to a bed. I decided when we started redecorating the house that I would make that room into a den or study. The chairs were delivered the day before I arrived in Maine. The room is still a work in progress, but I love, love, love the new furniture. I think that I am going to get a pink shag area rug, hang the pictures and move a different desk to the room. So, now our house is decorated with a “bubba/man cave” room and a “Princess” room!
I arrived back in the Dominican Republic, Wednesday, August 4, at 4:30. It was nice to see many of my friends again, as well as the beach dogs. The young girl, Dennisa, who took care of them while I was away did a great job! Dennisa just turned 19 and is off to Switzerland at the end of this month to work as a nanny. I am going to miss my new friend, but know she will have such an adventure!
Do I need to tell you how wonderful it was to see my sweet and amazing hubby David? He left work early on Friday and was home at 2:00. His hugs never felt better! We had a nice weekend relaxing, shopping….as the cupboards were bare…..and going to lunch with our friends José and Carolyn Garcia. José is originally from the Dominican Republic but moved to Canada, where he met and married Carolyn. His work has taken them around the world as well. Now, he is enjoying returning and working in his home country. David is enjoying working with José and getting help with the Spanish translations as well a better understanding of the culture!
Our lunch yesterday, Sunday, August 8 was at Emboccas in Cabarete. As you can see by the picture, it was a beautiful setting. The breeze, off of the ocean, was very welcoming as the heat and humidity have been high. I had a tasty dish of shrimp, risotto and mushrooms. The chef, very generously, sent two desserts to our table….tiramisu and a chocolate overload of brownie, chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate sauce. They were both delicious, but my favorite had to be the chocolate dish.
Now, as I write this, it is early Monday morning, David has left for the project. I have been waiting for the sun to come up to do a “shuffle” (walk/jog) on the beach. It is now 6:00 and it finally light enough to go out. I wonder if they do daylight savings time down here. Somehow, I tend to think they don’t.
OK, off to start my day and get back into my routine of exercising and healthy eating…..let the day begin!!!!

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