The “Pimping” of Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic

Sunday, David and I rode into Sosua, the next town over to visit the beach and see what the town had to offer. I had fond memories of Sosua from when I was here 27 years ago. It was our favorite destination to escape from the mountains of Jarabacoa to the beautiful Caribbean blue oceans.

The beach of Sosua is in a cove and is the shape of a crescent moon. It used to be such a lovely, quiet place to visit. It was a small, one road village with a few souvenir shops going down to the beach. Today, there are souvenir shops and restaurants lining the beach, as you can see in the picture.
I guess this is progress, but it made me so sad to see all of the buildings along the beach and the new resorts, built on the sides of the cliffs. None of this was there when I visited many, many years ago. When I see this, I fear for the lovely Playa Grande.

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