Annual Trip to Aroostook County with my Dad

For the past 3 years, I have treated Dad a trip to Aroostook County to visit his home town of Oakfield and have visits with friends and family. This year, David was able to join us. Aroostook County is in northern Maine and is best known for the potato farms. When we go there, the potato fields are covered in purple or white flowers. It is such a pretty sight.


Amish in Island Falls, Aroostook County, Maine

I love these trips with Dad. Of course, his stories and shared memories are the same year after year but I never get weary of hearing them. I enjoy hearing about the antics of Dad and his friends growing up. One of Dad’s friends, Joyce, lives on her farm in Island Falls and she was the first one we stopped to visit. Before arriving at Joyce’s, we passed one of the many farms owned by the Amish. We were there on a Sunday, their day of worship and I had to stop and take a picture of all the buggies and horses. You may already know but the Amish worship at a different person’s house each Sunday. I know a little about the Amish lifestyle and find it very interesting. Seeing this gathering of parked buggies was a first for me.

From Joyce’s we were to pass through the town of Island Falls and make our way to Oakfield, where Dad grew up. Well, unbeknownst to us, it was “Family Fun Days” in Island Falls and we ended up being at the end of the parade! I made the best of it, waving to people, singing along with the singer who was just in front of us, singing patriotic songs. I thought it was a hoot! I love a parade!!!

We spent the night in the small town of Washburn where my cousin, Delma and her husband live. That night, we had a nice visit with them and another visit over breakfast before David, Dad and I left for the (Woodsman) Museum in Patton. Unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays, so will check the schedule before making plans for our trip next year.

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