Nature around Cape Elizabeth, ME


Great Pond, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust has done a phenomenal job of creating “green space” and walking trails throughout our beautiful town. The Great Pond trail is nearby our house and it is a place that I enjoy walking. To get to the trailhead, it takes about a 5 minute walk through the neighborhood and before you know it, you are walking through the woods around a serene pond. There is a bridge that has been erected over the stream that feeds into the pond and from the bridge, you climb  up a hill over stone steps. Eventually, you come to a point on the other side of the pond that gives you a great vista of the whole pond. This is where this photo was taken. This is where I enjoy talking with God and my guardian angels before I head home.

If I am feeling really ambitious, I can continue along the trail and cross over Rt 77 to another neighborhood and walk down to the beach. I know what you are thinking as you read this and I do agree with you….we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.


Sunset at Crescent Beach

The beach that I am referring to is Crescent Beach where David and I enjoyed this beautiful sunset one night.


Debbie and me

It is also the spot where I met David’s high school sweetheart, Debbie, for the first time this year. We have corresponded, through facebook, over the past two years and have hoped to meet whenever we were both in Maine. She and her husband currently live in West Virginia but she still has family here in the Cape Elizabeth area that she tries to visit periodically. This summer, we were finally able to coordinate our home visits and meet. Although the meeting was brief, I am so grateful we were able to finally connect.

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