Renewing Friendships


Sharalyn, Bonnie, Maureen, Janet and Bob

This has been such a great summer to connect with friends from the past. In August, David and I went to Wells, Maine to have a visit with my college friends, who I had not seen for over 35 years! Bonnie was my suite mate and she married her college sweetheart, Bob. Maureen, who lives in Massachusetts and Janet, who live in New Hampshire were there as well. Poor David, he had to listen to all of the stories of our college years but he was a good sport and endured it.


View from the house that Paula and Dick rented

Also, in August we visited with Paula and Dick How. Paula’s 97 year old mother, Barbara, is a dear friend of ours. Barbara lives at an assisted living facility in South Portland. She and David’s mom were the best of friends. We love Barbara and always make time to visit with her whenever we are home. Paula and her husband, Dick, live in Naples, Florida. This summer, they rented a gorgeous home, right on the water, here in Cape Elizabeth. We had a lovely visit and dinner with them one night in August. Barbara was able to join us. There was even a little dancing done!


Chris, Tom and Sharalyn

Over Labor Day weekend, we connected with Tom Chinn who was in Maine for his nephew’s wedding. We met Tom when we lived in Columbia, South Carolina in 2002-2004. Our last visit with Tom was when we were in Columbia, SC about 5 years ago.  We were able to meet Tom’s partner, Chris and the rest of Tom’s family.  It was a lovely afternoon hanging out on the dock of their rental home in Woolwich, Maine.

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