Nathaniel Hawthorne College Reunion

On the weekend of Sept 13, 2014, I traveled to Antrim, NH for an all-class college reunion. In 1976, I graduated from a small private college, Nathaniel Hawthorne that no longer exist which is very sad.  I have some great memories from my time spent there!

My former classmates and I planned to meet at the soccer field at 1:00 PM on Saturday before the start of the reunion. I was sadden as I drove onto the campus. Gone were the “glory days” that I remembered so well.

Since the college closed in 1988, it has been sold a couple of times. One previous owner had some kind of a meditation/enlightenment school. Another, I believe, was planning to have a center of learning but I don’t think that came to fruition. It has recently been sold to an individual who plans to open an international boarding high school.


Paul, Janet, Fae, Cathi, Mike, Sharalyn and Maureen.

Everyone arrived at the appointed time: Janet and Maureen, who I had seen in August, were there with their respective spouse, Paul…who went to Hawthorne with us and Jim, who Maureen met on vacation in Cancun, Mexico over 26 years ago. Mike and Fae Willet, another couple who met at Hawthorne and who I had not seen since graduating in 1976. Also, Cathi Lanman and her husband, Warren.


Peabody Hall, my old dorm

It was bittersweet walking around….several buildings had been completely torn down. The library, which was a brand new building when I was there as a freshman in 1972, is gone. The men’s dorms – CPS, West Hall, Hawthorn Hall are gone, as well as the Cafeteria Building, Shea Hall and the Union. The soccer field is overgrown with weeds. Fortunately, the Administration building is still there. It is privately owned and not part of the school property now.


Mike and Fae

This picture is of Fae and Mike Willett who met at Hawthorne College.  36 years of blissful marriage, they look as young and cute as they did back when they were students.

The new owner was actually on the property as we were walking around. He and his associate were in the former dorm, Scarborough Hall. They invited us in and even offered a small tour. Many of us had lived in Scarborough Hall at one point of another. The newly installed elevators changed the lobby area but I was able to go to the third floor where I once lived. They are hoping to open the boarding school soon and offered for us to use the campus next year for our reunion. What a hoot it would be to stay in our old dorm again!


Paul Hardwick’s Farm

The reunion was held on Paul Hardwick’s farm in Antrim. The organizers of the reunion coincided our gathering with Antrim Day celebration. For a small town of 2,500 people, there was much activity in the streets on Saturday. Unfortunately, around 2:00 PM, the dreary day gave way to rain. It was so frustrating, to have to stand under the tents and not be able to enjoy the many activities planned. They had horse shoe, volleyball, a fire pit and fireworks. Plus, they had arranged for 3 bands to entertain us. The instruments were all set up but the rain halted them from playing the electrical instruments. Sadly, people left close to 5:00. My group, there were 7 of us, stayed and visited. Around 8:00 the rain subsided enough so some music could be played. I was impressed by the musical abilities of the local people. They really sounded great!


Maplehurst Inn

All of my friends and I had made reservations at the Maplehurst Inn, a 300 year old inn in the heart of Antrim. Juls, the current owner, is in the process of renovating the building. I loved staying there. Yes, it was a little tired and gently worn but I think that gave it character. Breakfast, on Sunday, was delicious….an omelet, home fries, toast and plenty of great tasting coffee.

Before leaving Antrim, I walked around and took pictures of the town, helped do some clean-up at the farm and then headed towards home around 11:00. Traveling to the reunion, I took the highway route. On Sunday, I took the backroads and reminisced of all the trips my mom and I took back and forth to the school.


War Dog Memorial, God Bless Them All!!!  The inscription reads, “In memory of those war dogs who were truly man’s best friend.”

I stopped wherever there was an interesting shop or site to explore. In Barrington, New Hampshire, I visited the cemetery because the sign said that there was a War Dog Memorial. The stone is inscribed: ”In memory of those war dogs who were truly man’s best friend.” What a wonderful tribute to those brave dogs who were so brave and trusting of their handlers to go into battle. It was a fantastic weekend and I do hope that I will be in the states whenever there is another Hawthorne reunion.

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  1. Hi Sharalyn,
    Thanks you for this posting. I was in the Class of 86 and spent all 4 years living on the first floor of Scarborough.

    • I began my Hawthorne adventure Feb. 1968. I lived in Peabody for 2 yrs. Then moved to Scarborough Hall. It was the beginning of my life as an adult. I left in 1972, graduated in 1975. I went back to visit for the first time in 2016!!! It was a melancholy visit to be sure. Hawthorne will always have a part of my heart. See you at the 2020 reunion! Sherry Dean.

  2. Hi Tom,
    It was a fun weekend, Tom and hopefully, the reunions will continue to happen. It was so sad to walk around the campus and see it in the state that it is in, though. I am glad you enjoyed the post….so many memories, no?

  3. Nice!!! I attended N. Hawthrone from: 1972-1973 studying in the sciences. From there transferred to Hartwick College (Oneonta, NY) where I recieved my B.S. in Chemistry, Minor in Biology. I did my graduate work at Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) in Biochemistry. I’m currently employed at Washington State University, WSU (Puulman, WA) as a Boichemist responsible for the establishment & Director of: The Bio-Analytical Laboratory & Developmental Chemestries Laboratory here at WSU.
    At the end of a very successful career in Biochemistry it is was great going back to the beginning memories at Hawthrone College where it all started with Dr.Shane (chemistry) & Dr. Bowen (calculus) to whom I owe it all. “I Wish Them Well” where ever they are. Bert

    • Sounds like you have had an amazing career, Bert. It would be fun to hear of all the successes that Hawthorne grads have experienced over the years. Thank you for sharing your memories with me. I remember Dr Share and Dr Bowen. We must have been on campus the same time. I started my freshman year the fall of 1972. I wish you continued blessings. Warm regards, Sharalyn

  4. I was there for the Fall semester in 1979. Then moved at Northeastern Boston. Now, I am in Greece as a professor at TEI of Western Macedonia.
    I tried a couple of time to find the place in the Google Earth… but in vain, is it easy for you to send me the coordinates?
    I, also, remember a pub in the lakeside…is it still there?
    Oh, I was for a few games, the goalkeeper of the soccer team…

    • Hi there, Asterios – I sent you an email replying to this comment because for a long while, it didn’t show up on my blog. Anyway, in case you didn’t receive the email I sent here are the coordinates for Antrim, NH. 43.0309° N, 71.9389° W
      I hope this is what you were looking for. All I did to find them was type in google “coordinate for Antrim, NH” and this is what came up. The pub at Lakeside was called “Jacks” when I was at Hawthorne. The building is still there but it is no longer a pub. I hope this finds you well. Thanks for your comment.

    • Dr. Bill Miller, Soccer Coach
      Do you or anyone remember when the soccer team upset Boston College 1-0 when Fondus Tsronis from Athens dribbled threw the entire Boston team and scored the winning goal he spoke with a lisp how about teammates Melviole Louis, Simimon Giannkis, Sasha VonLowinstein, Patrick Coragan, Jim from New Jesery, Mark from Manchester?

      • Dr. Bill Miller, Soccer Coach
        Do you or anyone remember when the soccer team upset Boston College 1-0 when Fonda’s Tsronis from Athens dribbled through the entire Boston team and scored the winning goal?( he spoke with a lisp-I thought it was an “accent”) .How about teammates Melville Lewis , Simion Giannakos, Sasha Von Lowenstein, Patrick Corrigan, Jim from New Jesery, Mark Nicole from Manchester?
        Sorry any spelling mistakes but that team was right on….Fondas played pro for the Hartford Hellions and made NAIA All American ……..oh? Anyone know Sixtus Mianne from Lesotho?
        So much more!!

      • What year was this, Bill? I seem to remember a guy from Africa but not certain what country. It would have been around 74 – 76…I visited Lesotho in 2014. What a beautiful country!

      • I believe the African soccer player you referred to was “Mams” Mambouray. He was from The Gambia and attended Hawthorne on a scholarship. He graduated in 1975.

      • So verydisowned Sixtus nmother as low lifes!! very dishonest man…..Sixtus returned to marry his love Rose….quite a story.

        Mams….he was great…I saw himdominate the league before Sixtus…Hawthorne played powerful state champ Wilton under Wilton’s company lights…while it was a game scrimmage…score was 5 to 3 Hawthorne….he had 5 goals. happy to read your info!! Sixtus Mianne was from Maseru.He was very very poor even saw pictures of his hut and his dogs which were baked in the 7 foot high ant/insect mounds/termite …were destroyed andhis dogs were happily gone to America with me say Sixtus…..later found out that his brother John was sent to D. C. to be low level diplomatJohn
        (computer messing sorry all)

  5. My memory is having my CB
    radio stolen from my car while I was taking Senior Pictures. While two students detained me claiming some friend wanted his graduation photo taken, I was being ripped off. Thanks. I was a night school student at N.H.C. Glad I didn’t live on campus.

  6. Went to NHC for 1 year . Fall 70 – spring 71. Lived in lower level Hawthorne Hall. Unfortunately lost 3 Hawthorne classmates in wrecks that year & learning was difficult. Loved the campus setting.

  7. Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind. Nice to hear your from Maine. My wife is from Belfast, Maine and my mom and her relatives are from Portland. Spent a lot of wonderful time there and one my NHC classmates was from Portland.

  8. You certainly do have Maine connections! Recently, I have discovered that there are quite a few alum living in Maine. When I went there, there were only a handful of us from ME, NH and VT…the majority were from NY and NJ. I love Maine…had to leave to gain a true appreciation for it, though. I grew up in Hallowell, outside of Augusta and currently live in Cape Elizabeth, outside of Portland!

  9. Just ran across your site. I was at Hawthorne form 1971 to 1975. I was married at the time with an infant son so I didn’t live on campus. I worked with the maintenance people at night. Don’t know if you remember Dottie Martin who worked in the Admin building for Col. DeFoe. She and I graduated from High School together in 1955 in Waltham Mass. Dottie Ware at that time. We again graduated together in 1975. Small world. Her husband was Bob Martin the aircraft mechanic for the school. They were suppose to move up to Maine and Bob was going to work for the FAA after Dottie finished school at NHC

    • Hi Ron! I was at Hawthorne from 72-76. I lived in Peabody and was head RA, worked in the cafeteria and my senior year was President of the Student Council. Of course I remember Dottie…she was an amazing lady with tons of personality. Are you still in the Antrim area? Are you on FB? They are planning a reunion at Greg Lake for all classes on Oct 7, 2017. Nice hearing from you…

      • Moved to Virginia after graduating and went to work for the govt. Moved to Florida after retiring in 1997. My wife passed away in 2012 and my son wanted me to move back to VA, Did so in 2013. My son and I ended up buying a house together in Martinsburg WV. I certainly would be interested hearing more about the reunion. I’m still in touch with a few Hawthorne graduates and I will be sure to let them know as well, Yes I am in FB.

      • I have been at least through Martinsburg, WV on one of my many drives south. It has been awhile since I have driven south, though. When hubby and I were first married, in 1988, we were transferred to Atlanta, GA with his job. Thought that was going to be “home”. Then he got with a travel team for the engineering company he worked for and we moved many times….lived in FL, GA, SC, AL, TX and MS as well as other states but those were the southern ones we lived in. Currently, make our home in Cape Elizabeth, ME – outside of Portland. I grew up in Hallowell, ME, outside of Augusta. I think WV is a beautiful state! Do you mind the winters after being in FL? Nice to be close to your son, though. I am so very, very sorry to hear about your wife. That was too young to pass…you had a whole retirement ahead of you. There is an “event” on FB for a Hawthorne reunion to be held on Sat, Oct 7 at noon at Gregg Lake. The event is “hosted” by Jane Hopwood. You could look for it. I don’t know how to get you hooked up to that event….let me know if you can’t find it. I will see what more I can do. I am hoping that I will be able to attend but doing quite a bit of traveling these days and hoping that I won’t be away that weekend. Fingers crossed! So nice chatting with you!

      • Moved to Florida when I retired because I hated the cold. Coming from Mass. makes that seem kind of strange. My wife used to tell me that I was allergic to the cold. Anyway. it’s better to be up here with the kids than down there alone. I spent some time in ME when I was in the Air Force. Limestone in Aroostock County to be exact. Got down to 42 Below at one point while I was there. I was very glad to leave. I will check FB for the event. Thanks.

      • Sharalyn are trying to open a private high school and fix the facilities…..for September…..seeking teenagers to attend…. scholarships available…..Bill Miler

    • hi Ron, joseph brown went to school the same years as you. Stop by and say you and your wife in Washington. Harriett and Rick Cartruish { may be wrong spelling} and David Liebman where friends.

      • Hi Joe. Remember you quite well. Also your brother with the unicycle. I am still in touch with Richie & Harriet Chartash on Facebook. They are still in Toronto. I contacted Richie about the reunion and they might be interested in going. I just found out about the reunion myself, but it’s a long way off yet, so you might want to try and make it if you can. As far as texting, I don’t do texting. I would rather talk to someone. Besides my cell phone is just that, a phone. If you are on Facebook send me a request or let me know your email address. Great to hear from you….Ron

  10. Embezzled. Many people graduated and went on to tremendous jobs and opportunities based on a this college. Generals in the US Army, Wall st . Lawyers , Ma CEOS of major firms.

    I owe my career to the fine faculty that made sure you learned and were successful in the game of life

    • Douglas,
      I don’t think any offense was meant by the term “embezzled”. Many went on to great careers and some didn’t. I don’t see what the term “embezzled” has to do with graduate success.

    • AGREED Doug….we were lucky to have such wonderful educators….so many success stories came out of our college ….btw: I coached and ran some branch campuses in New Hampshire…and dozens of individuals benefited from Hawthorne….I hired adjuncts from University system , Dartmouth , UMass….to a person,,,,,each l agreed our students were driven and most willing to excel!
      There were few individual that had”issues” and made others look bad.

  11. For those of you following this post, there is another reunion planned for Nathaniel Hawthorne alumnus. It on a Saturday, October 7, 2017 at Gregg Lake from noon to 4 PM. It is a pot-luck, BYOB. Here is the facebook event link: or if you are not on facebook you can email to this address: I am planning on going and if I have figured my travel schedule correctly, will be able to attend. If you come, please look for me and introduce yourself. It would be wonderful to connect in person!

    • Hawthorne Academy is trying to open for September…..the Chinese educators’ group is the driving force to revamp and develop this education project.
      (do not confuse with Hawthorn in California)
      btw:that spelling without the “e” is accurate even though this computer thinks differently and has fought me all the way…..

  12. Hi guys. I was at Hawthorne from 82 through 86. Those were years when the college was really struggling financially and enrollment was a fraction of what it had been a decade earlier. There was talk in my freshman year that there had been an embezzlement of funds by someone high up at the college, who was also a state official. But one of the real issues at that point was the involvement of FIT, Florida Institute of Technology. Their being new “owners” of the school was a big selling point while I was trying to decide on what college to attend in early 1982. But it turned out there was a law in New Hampshire that restricted out of state institutions from buying up small NH colleges. That hampered any financial infusions from FIT into a cash strapped Hawthorne. Not long ago FIT itself folded up and then restarted. However the quality and integrity of the Hawthorne professors and administration staff during my time there were really great. They worked hard to give the students a quality education under difficult circumstances and I’m very grateful to them.

    • Hi Tom…wondering if you know about the all-school reunion planned on Saturday, October 7, 2017…current plans are to have it at Gregg Lake around noontime but I think others are trying to arrange something indoors….Thanks for sharing your memories…

  13. My ex-wife and I graduated in 1982 out of the Hudson, N.H. satellite. I went on to graduate with an MBA from Rivier University (College) in 1994. I might be interested in attending the reunion if its still on for this October if its still on?

  14. I graduated in 1967. Went on to graduate school at the University of Oregon but found my way back to Maine and have lived in Cape Elizabeth since 1982. Has anyone heard about Tom Edwards who also graduated from Hawthorne. He was my roommate and just a great guy.
    Arie Dirk Witham

    • Hello Arie, thank you for commenting on this post. I do hope that you are able to connect with Tom Edwards. I don’t know if you saw on my blog but I, too, live in Cape Elizabeth. Maybe our paths will cross one day. Best wishes, Sharalyn

    • Don’t know about Tommy, but a quick up d ate on a couple of guys …Mike Byron was killed inaction in Vietnam as was Mark Barnes, the basketball player…Coach .Rannisto died a f e w years ago as did MerleJones..Denny Levesque spent a long time in the Manchester VA …not sure if he is still alive..II talk to AndyKyriazis now and then…he is retired from Fidelity Investmentst and is living at Hamptonbeach..
      Me, I’m a professional photographer in southeast Florida..almost retired…lost my left leg two years ago from complications of type II diabetes.

  15. Thanks for posting this. I was at Nathanial Hawthorn in 1975 & 1976. I was in the flight program and shared a 2nd floor suite Scarborough Hall looking over the campus with my friend from High school Mike Delissio (Mike passed away in 2016 after fighting pancreatic cancer for 5 years). After the first year Mike and some other friends and I moved off campus to Whitney’s mobile hope park just East of Hillsborough. After the 1976 Christmas break I did not return to Hawthorn due to personal reasons but I still have mostly good memories of my experience there. Both Mike and I are pictured in the college catalog *1976 wearing our green flight program jackets and keys around our necks that were required as we were then pledges of AXB

    • Hello Rick, I should know you….I was at Hawthorne ’75 and ’76 and I was in AXB as well. I am truly sorry to hear of Mike’s passing….way too young. Wish I had a college catalog so I could see your photo. I am certain that I would recognize you. I hope that your life has been all that you had hoped and dreamed for. Thank you for sharing your memories.

      • Hi Sharalyn,

        It seems that I should know you also but I can’t say that I do, sorry. Life has been fantastic yet not at all what I was planning when at Hawthorn or as we sometimes called it, “Natty-Haw-Haw”. I ended up attending Rutgers University and eventually started and owned several businesses including a construction business in Hawaii where I still have property and also founded and ran a youth Inline Hockey league for many years, I am now in Cape Canaveral FL. I do not have ready access to my Hawthorn college catalog but I do have a copy of that one picture which was taken in Hubbard Hall during meteorology class. I could send it to you if you are interested just let me know where to send it.

  16. Wow! It sounds like your life has been amazing! Hawaii – lucky you!!! Yes, please send me the photo to my email…. No worries about not remembering me….let’s see, I was head resident counselor of Peabody Hall ’75 and ’76. President of the Student Council in ’76. Ummm, I worked in the cafeteria as well but since you lived off campus, you probably were never there. Oh well…nice that we are connected now. Did you see where there is an all class reunion for anyone who attended Hawthorne. It is Saturday, October 7. If you are interested, I can send you the details. I unfortunately can’t make it but last I heard, they had 75 people attending. Were you affected by Irma?

    • Now you do sound familiar, I know we crossed paths if you were head resident councilor at Peabody Hall as we hung out there quite a bit. Did you know a girl at Peabody, first name “Nancy” from New Rochelle NY?
      Did you know Brian Fahrman class of 79? He was my roommate at the mobile home park in 76.

      I will send you the photo

  17. Hi.
    My name is Jon Swebilius.
    I’m trying to find out if there will be a reunion for the class of 1968. As a 20th-century man, I’m not having luck with this 21st-century means of communication. I understand email but beyond that? I’m lost. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
    My email address is
    (The “B” does NOT stand for Big. BFGargoyle is from a poem by Sandberg. “All I can give you is broken face gargoyles. It is too early…. yaada yaada yaada.)

    • Greetings Jon. There was a Hawthorne Reunion for anyone who attended or graduated from the college last October, 2017. It was a great success with about 150 people attending. There is an email mailing list for reunion notices. I don’t think there will be another one for another couple of years. In the meantime, if you can get on FB, there is a great Hawthorne page. I think that you might enjoy it. Here is the link: As soon as I have the email for the reunion list, I will send it your way. Thank you and hope this has been of some help.

  18. I went to Hawthorne 69 and 70. It was the first year for Scarborough Hall, in fact our class named the hall. Simon and Garfunkel were very popular at that time. When I moved in I lived on the 3rd floor and they were still finishing up the electrical and they started early in the AM. The workers would bring us what ever we wanted…..really nice guys lol. Very fond Memories…….I transferred to the University of Hartford after the two years. My youngest son went to Keene state and graduated 2 years ago and one afternoon we looked for the college, which we could not find. But stopped at a fast food place and they remember it and told us how to find it. I did see that Scarborough Hall was still standing and the girls dorm was missing and the gym was in decay. Really enjoyed my time there and still have 2 friends that I communicate with who went to school with me. Glad others think fondly of it too.

    • Pat, I am so, so very sorry for not responding to this comment earlier. I don’t know how I missed it! Please forgive me!! I love the story behind the name of Scarborough Hall. I was at Hawthorne from 72-76. I, too, lived on the third floor of Scarborough and then moved to Peabody Hall. Are you facebook? Are you aware of the Hawthorne page? You should sign on, if you haven’t already. There are reunions planned and this is a good way to get the information. I think the next one is in the fall of 2020. I have been to a couple and they have been fun. They have included graduates and those who attended Hawthorne. A couple of years back, I went through Scarborough Hall. It has been changed around…the lounge is a dining area and the rooms have been made bigger. It was interesting. Thank you, again, for your comment and again, my apologies. Wishing you joy and sparkles! Here is the link for the Facebook Hawthorne page:

  19. Hi:
    I was at the school from fall 1971-1973. Transferred to George Washington University in DC. Had a great time at Hawthorne many foggy memories. Spent a lot of time with Milt Alvarez, Beth Rapheal and a really funny girl Bernice. Shared an apartment with Debbie Roseman and Ann Silverglit next to what is now Ace Hardware. A guy Judd A(??) lived in the same place.Remember Frank, combat vet that committed suicide. Remember him this Memorial Day. Many vets died over there just not actually diving until back home.
    Ended up with a career in medical device start ups and retired in the Pacific Northwest.

    • Hello Gordon, I was at Hawthorne from 72-76, so I am certain that our paths crossed at some point. I was in Scarborough my first year and then in Peabody as an RA and Head RA my last 3 years. I don’t recognize any of the names you mentioned although Debbie Roseman sounds familiar. Sadly, I do remember a suicide at the school but the one I remember was later, I think in the fall of ’76. A freshman who was younger. Anyway, glad you found my post and blog. Do you ever make it back east? There have been reunions…this one that I shared in this post and one last year. They are open to all who ever attended Hawthorne. I think last year there were close to 150 people! Usually held on Columbus Day weekend in October. I saw where you are on FB and the Hawthorne page. That is where you will get the information about the reunions. They have a mailing list, too…Barbara Cowen and Jane Hopwood handle it. Great to hear from you!

  20. I graduated Hawthorne in 1978. Great memories of New Hampshire, and Vero Beach in January. Prof. Mavromatis was my economics professor and gave the best advice I have ever gotten anywhere(been working on Wall Street 1972 to present) “If you remember nothing else-BUY SEMI-CONDICTORS”

  21. Owned The Maplehurst Inn the late 70s and early 80s. Hunter Hillers, Jill Kelly and a few other girls from Hawthorn worked for me. The best waitresses in the world. Also Linda Rosano and Linda McMahon at Onset ski area that I ran in the early and mid 70s. Jerry wright Burlington vt and St Pete Fl.

  22. I graduated from Nathaniel Hawthorne College in 1970. I was a Business Major. I had a 34 1/2 year career with New York State, from 3/22/76-9/27/10. I was with the State Employment Service, then the State Insurance Fund. I was fortunate to receive 2 incentives when I retired. They added 4 years, 10 months to my State Pension time!
    I attended Hawthorne from 9/68-5/70. I last went to a Reunion in October, 1982. It was the Class of 1972’s 10th Year Reunion, and other classes were welcome. I haven’t been to new Hampshire since.
    I would be happy to hear from anybody who I knew back then. Some names included: Jay Molberger, Rob Weaver, Terry Benhardt, Dave Olsen, Bruce Mougin, Abe Goren, Sharon Hally, Betsy Foote, Betsy Upchurch, Tina Sedor Benhardt, Leslie Phillips, and Lynne Shields. I have already heard from Kathy Kerrigan.

    • Hello Donald, thank you ever so much for sharing on my blog. It sounds like you had an illustrious career. I am not familiar with any of the people you mentioned and hope that through this blog post, you might be able to connect with some of them. By chance are you on Facebook? There is a Facebook page for people who attended and/or graduated from Hawthorne. This is the link if you are interested. Also, they are planning another reunion in either 2019 or 2020, I am not certain. Wishing you all the best. Sharalyn

      • Thanks, Sharalyn! I’ll check out the Facebook page. In fact, I may have already done so! Thanks for the word on possible upcoming reunions. BTW, I spent my 1st 2 college years at SUNY, New Paltz. I was an Education Major, then changed to Business Administration, when I transferred to Nathaniel Hawthorne. I didn’t have a car on campus, and often hitched rides from fellow schoolmates to and from Hillsboro!

      • I remember days of not owning a car and hitching rides to Hillsboro with friends. Then, in my senior year, I finally got a car….loved the independence it allowed me!

  23. The Facebook site of Nathaniel Hawthorne College isn’t available now. I first clicked on the site which you gave me, then typed it myself. No availability, in either try.

    • Hi Donald, I am sorry that the site didn’t work. I would suggest going into Facebook and in the search type Nathaniel Hawthorne College. There are two groups…NHC has 641 members. I think that you have to be “approved” but that will happen in a couple of days. I hope this helps! Joy and sparkles!

  24. I attended Hawthorne in 1966 and graduated from in 1969. I loved being there. To my sorrow I never went back. Dr. Shea was the chancellor at the time. He was instrumental in shaping my life as a newcomer to this great country of ours. I miss it. I tried to communicate with some of my classmates but unfortunately Everytime I found someone they were deceased so I quit looking. I am now 74 I graduated when I was 20. One of my best life experience was at Hawthorne. P.S. I also met my first wife there.
    All in all great memories

    • Hi Victor, thank you for sharing your wonderful memories! Are you on Facebook? There is a Hawthorne group that is full of people who graduated or even attended Hawthorne. I have seen people post who were there in the 60s, maybe you could find people that or knew or at least reminisce about the “good old says” with. There is a reunion planned next September 25. Hope to see you there! Sharalyn

  25. I attended the college from 1970/1974 the memories were the best. After graduating I worked at McGraw -Hill NY as an editor for FW Dodge. Retired in 2010. Have been livening is Seabrook Island Old Drake Dr. SC. Does any one know of an old room mate Brian Griffin of NY or Carol Brockway of Bernardsville NJ. I Have 2 daughters 1 is an Orthodontist the other is an Anesthesiologist working at Bon Sequiors Hospital in VA. Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Rich, I was at Hawthorne from ’72-’76. Are you on Facebook? Are you aware of the Hawthorne private page? I would recommend you sign up on that and ask about your roommate Brian and friend Carol. I just went on the Hawthorne FB page and looked for Brian Griffin…there is a Brian Griffin on there. I just sent him a private message asking if he was your roommate. I’ll give him your email, if you like, if it is him. Carol isn’t on the Hawthorne page. It sounds like you had a great career and have a lovely family! You must be very proud of your daughters!

  26. Sharalyn,

    It may seem odd but I haven’t thought about Nathaniel Hawthorne for quite some time. I am looking to add a post and beam barn, and I came across a company in NH that makes kits. My curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see how close it was to Antrim. I then found you in an internet search.
    My name is James Kent but some knew me as Chip. I went to Nathaniel Hawthorne in the mid 70’s but my time there was brief after a trip to Vero Beach(I was young and stupid). Nonetheless, I loved that school.
    My favorite class was, ‘Literature of the Bible’. Don’t know why but the professor just made it so interesting.
    I don’t remember the name of the dorm I first lived in. It was actually one of the farmhouses and it had a bar in the basement I seem to remember. Reminiscing a little…I met a girl named Paula one night. I’ll leave it at that. I had moved to Scarborough the following year and was one of the dorm counselors. Sadly, I had to leave, however there will forever be a place in my heart for Nathaniel Hawthorne College and the many friends I met there
    NH had a wonderful aviation program thanks to the Judges interest in aviation. The aviation industry is rather small by some standards. Especially the major airlines. As such, I have worked at the same airline as many NH grads.
    My airline career ended last year after 36+ years, as I aged out at 65. I’ve lived in North Carolina since 1986

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    • Hello James! Forgive me but I am just seeing this comment. I don’t quite know how I missed the email letting me know that a comment had been made. I know what dorm you are talking about, but like you, I cannot remember. If you are on Facebook, there is a Nathaniel Hawthorne page. This is the link to it: It sounds like you have had a wonderful career. What did you do for the airlines? Wishing you all the best! Thank you for sharing your memories!

  27. Sharalyn, The Facebook site for Nathaniel Hawthorne College STILL hasn’t approved me, 2 1/2 years later! Has the site closed? It still says that my approval is pending. BTW, I saw, on another site, that a Reunion is in place for this month, I think on 11/14. I won’t be going, as it is very far away, and I don’t believe any students who attended in my time there will be there. Do you have the names of the attendees? Donald

  28. I attended Hawthorne College from Spring of ’79 thru Spring of ’80. I was 18 years old and invited to visit Coach Hardy’s hockey & baseball programs. Although I only spent 1 year at the New Hampshire college, it was the perfect atmosphere to mature and begin my collegiate career. I have great memories.

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