Announcing Brave Nellie

Brave Nellie

It is with great excitement that I am pleased to announce that my children’s book (well children of all ages) is now available.  Brave Nellie is based on the true story of a brave little dog who I rescued from the beaches of the Dominican Republic.  It tells of all the new things that she had to learn in order to live with a “forever family” in the United States and the wonderful lesson that she learned along the way.

This book has been over a year and a half in the making.  I know that Nellie’s story will touch your heart just as Nellie has touched my heart and all who know her.

Much thanks to Lucas Richards for his creative and playful illustrations.  He really captured Nellie and brought my words to life.

I hope that you will enjoy Brave Nellie as much as I have enjoyed bringing this story to you.

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