Boz Scaggs!

images“Lido….woah oh oh oh oh oh,  He’s for the money,  He’s for the show,  Lido’s waiting for the go, Lido!!!”

Oh My Goodness…..I had truly forgotten how much I loved Boz Scaggs back in the 70s until I saw him in concert Thursday night, October 16, at the Collins Center for the Arts, University of Maine in Orono. My sister, Kathy and her hubby, Kevin were going and invited me to join them. Boz’s voice is just as smooth as it was over 30 years ago and did I mention that he looked amazing. I mean, heck, he is 70 years old and looks about 55!!!!

He announced that he is coming out with a new album, Memphis and played a couple of new songs featured on the album. They were his signature bluesy sound. He does Rainy Night in Georgia on this new album…which is great, great, great…Another song…Dry Spell features his smooth voice and phenomenal guitar playing. He played during the instrumental parts of the song and I kept wishing that Eric Clapton would walk out on the stage and start jamming with Boz. That would be one incredible jam session!

He played classics like Lido’s Shuffle, Lowdown and What Can I Say?

Another great part of the concert was even though he had several musicians with him….there were 6 in all and his gal back-up singer, the music wasn’t loud. You could actually talk to the person next to you and also, my ears were not ringing when I walked away from the concert hall.

His back-up singer, Conesha Owens (aka “Ms. Monét”) had a strong voice and attitude!  She sashayed around in her pencil, leather skirt and stiletto heels.  My gosh, what a strong voice she had!

Boz played for an hour, way too short for a concert, in my opinion but then he played 3 encore songs…sorry, I just don’t remember which ones but what I do remember is the unbelievable and marvelous guitar playing by his lead guitarist played on the last song that they performed.

After enjoying this concert, I went home and downloaded Boz’s great songs on my iPod!  Now, I enjoy Boz all the time!             (*I do not take credit for the picture I posted of Boz Scaggs. I downloaded this photo from the internet and do not know who to give the credit to.)

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