Lizzie’s Owie!!! :(

IMG_2841Many of you know that I have been blessed to be able to take care of my girlfriend’s dog, Lizzie.  From November to April of 2013, I took care of Lizzie for Suzanne (my girlfriend) while she battled cancer.  Poor Lizzie didn’t know what was happening.  When Suzanne became sick, Lizzie was taken to a wonderful kennel where she has spent time in the past.  Normally, her stay would only be for a few days but this time, she was there for two weeks.

After those two weeks, another friend of Suzanne took Lizzie and cared for her at her house.  She, however, was preparing to leave for her annual trip south and couldn’t continue to take care of the dog.   I was asked if I might be able to take her for a few days.

I must say that Lizzie was a little “shelled shocked” by the time she came to be with me.  Poor thing didn’t know where her mommy was or why she was being shuffled around.  Over the next few days of her arrival, we got into a routine and really, really bonded.  She is quite the character and will let me know when she needs/wants attention.  It truly is all about her and at the age of 13, it should be!!! Right??  As you can see, by the picture below, she settled in quite nicely.


I am pleased to say that Suzanne is doing much, much better.  For now, the treatments are behind her and Lizzie is able to stay with her mom once again.  I miss Lizzie’s company!  Whenever I have the opportunity, I will bring Lizzie back to my house for a “sleep-over”.

Recently, my mom was down for a visit before leaving for Florida, where she will spend the winter.  I had Lizzie, too.  The Saturday that they were both visiting, it was a warm, sunny day.  The temperature was close to 70 degrees.  Mom and I decided to walk Lizzie at Bug Light Park in South Portland.  We were walking around enjoying the nice day and views of the ocean from the park.  Lizzie was on her leash, walking ahead of us, sniffing around.  It was a typical walk in the park……until Lizzie let out a yelp and held up her paw.

Initially, I thought that she had been stung by a bee.  As I got closer to her, I could see blood and then realized that her toenail was at an odd angle.  I scooped her up.  Mom and I looked to see what she could have possibly cut her toenail on but didn’t see anything.  We rushed to the vets….I was trying to hold it together….I felt HORRIBLE that Sweet Lizzie got hurt on my watch!  Thank goodness my mom was with me…..she was the calming factor and was able to tell Suzanne what had happened when I called her.  I heard Suzanne’s voice and broke down into tears, handed the phone to mom and kept driving.  Poor Suzanne….she didn’t know what was happening!!!  Mom calmly explained that Lizzie had hurt her paw and that we were on our way to the vets.  Mom and Suzanne both agreed that it was good that I didn’t have children!!!  In my defense…a young child can tell you what happened and where it hurts, a dog cannot do either of these things.

There is an emergency vet in Scarborough – Maine Veterinary Referral Center, 1500 Technology Way, Scarborough, Maine.  I cannot begin to sing enough praises for the staff at MVRC!!!  They were compassionate and calm.  The receptionist called her vet in Augusta and got her records faxed down to them.  They took Lizzie in quickly, examined her and then met with me to inform me what they believe happened and how they were going to treat her.

10710924_10153270378693012_7778083663024168845_nThey thought that she must have caught her toenail on something and pulled it.  They trimmed all of her nails and bandaged the paw with the torn nail in hopes that they might save it.  They brought Lizzie to me…awwww, she looked so cute with her pink bandage and turquoise heart.  Mom and I soon left with Lizzie, instructions and her pain medication.   Lizzie was so good about not chewing on the bandage.  I was impressed and relieved as I didn’t want to put an e-collar on her.  I thought that would create more stress for her.   Gratefully, she didn’t have to have the collar.  The following Monday, I took Lizzie back for a follow-up visit.  They had to remove her nail but were able to keep the bandage off so she didn’t have to hobble around.

It has been a week since that fateful Saturday in the park and I am glad/grateful to report that Lizzie is doing much, much better.  As I type this, she is fast asleep on my bed, dreaming away and chasing that silly cat in her dreams.

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