IMG_6013The last trip that David and I had was this past May, 2017.  Throughout the summer,  I have been working on my blog post to share beautiful Barcelona with you.

I was so sadden when I heard the news of the terrorist attack on the pedestrian walkway, La Rambla this past August.  To hear the tragic news of innocent people being injured or worse killed and having such a horrible memory blemish that beautiful city, is just beyond my comprehension.

The people of Barcelona are strong and hopefully, time will heal the physical and emotional wounds.  I hope that my post on Barcelona will encourage you to think about visiting it some day soon.

Let there be peace on earth……

2 thoughts on “Barcelona…..

  1. Barcelona IS a beautiful city, Sharalyn, and built for walking…I spent countless hours roaming the streets and enjoying the sights when I was there. I join you in your hope that time will heal.

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