I feel as though I have written best sellers! I have written two children’s books, Brave Nellie and Lizzie’s Lesson.  Brave Nellie’s message is – new things may be scary but if you are willing to try, good things can happen. Lizzie’s message is – to always look for the positive in all situations.Brave Nellie Cover







I have had wonderful times sharing both Nellie’s and Lizzie’s stories to young and old by visiting schools, civic clubs and retirement communities. I have a slideshow of the dogs and explain how the stories came about.  Over the past couple of years, people have shared with me how my books have made an impact on a child’s life.

One of my high school classmates gave Brave Nellie to his ill grandson who, at the time, was undergoing medical testing for an unknown condition. After hearing Nellie’s story and while walking into the hospital, for yet another round of tests, he looked at his mom and asked, “Do I have to be brave like Nellie?”

Another lady shared that her disabled son, who was around 40 years old at the time, was able to read Brave Nellie by himself…a first for him. He was facing a major change in his life by moving from the familiarity and comfort of his home to a new environment of a group home. One of the first things that he packed in his suitcase was his book Brave Nellie so he could read it when he felt he needed a reminder that good things do happen when you are brave and willing to try new things.

While living in Johannesburg, South Africa, I met a lady who had started an orphanage. I had brought copies of Brave Nellie with me, some of which I donated to her establishment.  I, also, enjoyed the opportunity to read Brave Nellie to the children. Later, my friend shared a video of all the children reciting Nellie’s message “What to do? What to do? All so scary, all so new! But I must try each day to be brave and everything will be OK!” It was adorable!

After we left, Johannesburg, my friend shared that one of the little boys had been adopted by a family in Nebraska. As a memento of his time at the orphanage, he was offered to choose an item. He chose my book Brave Nellie!

Lizzie’s Lesson has been given to people young and old who are facing challenging times. One lady bought it as a gift for her friends who recently had given birth to twin boys but only one had survived. It is difficult to imagine that something good can come from such a tragedy but I truly believe that difficult times help us to learn and grow. I do hope that they found some comfort in Lizzie’s message.

Another fan is a little girl had recently been removed from her mother’s home and placed with her father to live – a sad and difficult situation for any child to go through. Lizzie’s Lesson is her favorite bedtime story.  “When things change and I feel sad, I will always remember good comes from bad.”  I am hoping Lizzie’s message will give her comfort when she needs it most.

As I shared earlier, my books are not on any best seller’s list but from the feedback I have received, I feel as though I have written “best sellers.” If you have one of my books and are willing to share with me how they have helped you or a loved one, I would love to hear your story!

My third book is currently being edited and illustrated. It is about a cute French Bulldog, who has been in my life. His message to children is “you are awesome for just being yourself.” Look for the release sometime next year!

I welcome any opportunity to share my books and slide show to groups of all ages.  If you are interested in having me visit your establishment,  you may contact me at

I wish you blessings……


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