Lima, Peru – Parque de la Exposicion

A couple of Saturdays ago, I went to the Art Museum in Lima which is in the Exposition Park. The park alone was beautiful and has several buildings and monuments from the days of the celebration of the Centennial of Independence of Peru. It must have been quite an undertaking building such extravagant buildings during 1921 in Peru. One of the buildings is the Moorish Pavilion. I don’t think it is open, but it is a unique and lovely building.

The building the art museum is in was originally built in 1870 for artistic expositions. The museum itself was a various collection of colonial furniture, pre-Columbian ceramics, photographs of indigenous people and Lima in earlier days. Also, there was the collection of paintings by Peruvian artist. It was an OK museum, but I really enjoyed looking at the building. Inside, there was a splendid courtyard.

I need to go back to the park alone and just wander through that. An afternoon in this area just wasn’t enough time! One of my goals upon returning from Maine is to learn the “combi” bus system down here, so I can be more mobile!!! Lima has so many wonderful museums. I need to see them all!

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