La Casita

At 8:30 PM, last Friday night, January 18; David and I headed to the Lima airport to catch our flight to Maine. Sadly, it turned out to be the “trip from hell”, which I thought I had already taken. Our flight was on American and it was schedule to leave at 12:30 AM. It was delayed. We finally left at 5:00 AM, which meant we missed our connecting flight out of Miami.

Our flights out of Miami were on Delta, so American couldn’t help us get rescheduled. At the Delta desk, we were informed that Atlanta was having a snow storm and everything was shutdown at Hartsfield Airport, Delta’s hub. They told us that they could get us into Portland Sunday by noontime. Unacceptable! So, we went back to American airlines and they were able to get us on a flight to Chicago and then onto Portland. We were supposed to get home Saturday afternoon at 2:30…instead, we got home at midnight.

The whole purpose of this trip was to look at a lake house and hopefully, buy it. We had several people look at it before it got to the decision to fly home…friends, home inspectors, septic inspector, etc. Our first view of the house was on Sunday. Even though it was in the middle of winter, the worse possible time to view it, we loved what we saw.

It is a year-round house that was built in the 60s. It needs some cosmetic work, but nothing major. It is on Middle Branch Pond in Waterboro. This pond allows nothing larger than 10 hpm for boats. Plus, the opposite side of the lake will never be developed.

So, as of Friday, we are proud owners of a lake house which we will call “La Casita” or “The little house”. This spring, we hope to put in a new bathroom, new carpet, paint and then, find a long-term renter.

David left Saturday to return to Lima. He arrived safely and without many problems. I will be in the states until February 20. I have to go to Boston to see about my visa for Peru. Plus, I have a trip to WI booked on February 7-12. Other than that, I have time for visits with friends and family….hope to see you while I am home!


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