Chihuly and Congaree National Park

I failed to mention when I wrote about our time in Columbia, South Carolina that we visited the beautiful Chihuly Seafoam exhibit that was at the art museum there. We both love Chihuly glass, the colors and grace of the seafoam pieces were amazing. How fortunate we were to be able to enjoy this exhibit.

We were able to visit the Congaree National Park, which was one of our favorite places to explore while we were living in Columbia. We took Priscilla, our friend’s adorable Yorkshire terrier…as you can see by the picture, she really enjoyed her time in the wilderness!!! One thing that we saw, which was wonderful, was an otter. It is rare to see one in the wild and this one put on quite a show while swimming around.

Just wanted to make note of these memories…mostly for me, so when I am in the nursing home, reviewing our adventures through this blog, I will be reminded of these two special moments that we had in Columbia.

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