Just an update

On Tuesday morning, David flew to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a few days of meetings. Saskatoon is a city of the population of 250,000 people. David says that it is a booming city and the problems with our economy haven’t seemed to filter up north! It is a college town with much going on…concerts, art museums, ballets….I am so excited to go!

OH MY GOSH!!! Another exciting thing for me is that we have a cell phone plan that works in Canada. It is Verizon’s North American plan and our cell phones work in Saskatoon!!! Woooohoooo…I can be connected with friends and friends again. Love, love, love it!

David will be in Saskatoon until next Wednesday, the 17th. He will then fly to Madison, WI for a deer hunt with my brother and to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I was scheduled to begin driving to Madison today. However, those plans changed as our belongings have cleared customs and are being delivered here, at the house, on Monday. I want to be here for the delivery to make certain that everything made it in one piece! So, now, I plan to head out Monday afternoon and will hopefully arrive in Madison on Wednesday. I bought a GPS yesterday for the drive…it is a cute and smart gizmo!!!

We are so blessed that our belongings have arrived and cleared customs in such a timely manner. Honestly, if I had known that we would be shipping our belongings directly from Peru and not have them go to Chile, I would have left many of the things behind. Oh well….they are here in the states and there was no problems. We are so, so very grateful for that.

David will fly back to Saskatoon on November 30th and begin working December 1. I will head out driving from Madison to Saskatoon on November 30th and will probably arrive a couple days later. I am so excited to get in one place and settle into a routine for awhile. We haven’t been in a routine since June!!! It has been wonderful traveling around, seeing new sights and old friends but I am so ready to get some normalcy in our lives for awhile!!!

So, that brings you up-to-date with our crazy but wonderful life….stay tuned!!!

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