Deer Camp and Wisconsin Sunsets

Deer Camp was successful with David and Perry getting 8-point bucks. Jeff, Michael’s nephew, got a doe. I chose to spare you the details of pictures of the “trophies” but trust me, we have them!

David was like a little kid waiting for Christmas. He was awake at 2:45 and again at 3:45. Finally, he got up around 4:00 and trekked out to his deer stand.

The second night, he set his alarm to go off at 5:30 to head out into the woods. Well, the alarm on his blackberry went off and he got up. Thank goodness I looked at the clock, because it said 1:00 AM!!! The clock is run on batteries, so I thought that maybe the battery was low. I checked the time on the cell phone…you guessed it, it was 1:00 AM!!! We still can’t figure out how the time got changed on his blackberry, but it did.

Can you imagine, if he had gotten dressed, hiked out to the deer stand and then waited for daylight to start hunting? He would have been there for five hours waiting for the sun to rise! I asked him, if he had gone out, when he thought that he might have had a clue….he said, maybe after a couple of hours!!! Too funny!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are going to Michael’s family for dinner. Then, when we return to Perry and Michael’s, David and I will pack the car to leave early Friday morning to head to Saskatoon.

Just today, we had a block heater installed to warm our engine. David said that there are actually parking lots that have plugs available to plug the heaters into! Imagine that! Oh, this is going to be an adventure. I have my trusty full-length LL Bean down coat. On a happier note, I read that Saskatoon is the sunniest of the Canadian cities and it is called the “Paris of the Prairie”. I’ll let you know exactly what that means when I get up there!

It will be a 1,200 mile drive. Actually, Madison is halfway between Portland, ME and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We figure that we will arrive in Saskatoon sometime Saturday night. We have a corporate apartment waiting for us to stay in until we find a more permanent apartment.

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday as it is the least commercialized. It is truly a time to spend with family and friends and to reflect all of the ways that we have been blessed this year. David and I feel so blessed…for our family, friends, good health, travel, adventures, employment and our faith in God. May your Thanksgiving be spent in the loving, happy and grateful surrounding of family and friends.

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